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Full Version: Full text RSS
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Is it possible to enable Full text RSS for the feed http://xbmc.org/feed/ ?
The setting is located in http://xbmc.org/wp-admin/options-reading.php

I'm working on a project and I would love to see full content!
In the previsous site version, full content was enabled.

This feed just pulls from other places.

Please use the github atom feed instead, as it's the real source for commit info: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commits/master.atom

Thank you theuni.

However, I was talking about XBMC news feed (http://xbmc.org/feed/) and not the commit one.
Theuni The feed you suggest does not have the content of the news published on the frontpage (http://xbmc.org).

Please reevaluate my initial post. If this is a bad idea would I love some valid agruments!
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but the issue has reappeared on the new website. Please enable full text rss feeds. I see that the cms has changed, but I hope this feature is available.
We'll look at the feed but this thread should not have been bumped.