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Full Version: Is it possible to select a default audio stream for VOBs?
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I have a ton of .vob files that I have imported in xbmc. They all work fine, but since the default audio stream on some of them is Japanese, it can be a pain to change the audio stream every time one plays. I tried a trick I heard where I put a .conf file with the same name as the .vob in the folder with it. The .conf has aid=2 in it specifying the second, or English, track. This actually worked in Mplayer(I'm using Ubuntu 10.04) but didn't impact XBMC at all. I have the .ifo files for them, if that can make a difference. They aren't named the same as the .vob ones, but that doesn't seem to make a difference at all anyway. I don't know if there's a way to edit them, but if there is that's something I'd be willing to edit them to get it working. I have well over 100 of these things, so re-ripping or re-authoring are pretty much a last resort completely undesirable option. Does anyone have any ideas? Does XBMC have a feature where I can set the default audio stream for it to play for individual videos or folders? Please help!