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Full Version: fading OSD buttons fade is set where?
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the three buttons in osd for video that indicates which part of music/video/subs settings youre in are currently fading back and forth slightly.
where is the value for this set?
i can't find it in videofullscren.xml and i can't figure out if it is a setting that comes from reference.xml.

if you check out my skin retro and the solution i made for the osd buttons, it doesn't really work with the fade.

any help appriciated...

an observation... but i'm not sure. is this fading effect applied to all elements that are currently in focus/selected in the gui?

and again is this behaviour editable? does it have to do with <fadelabel>?

bump... just an "u can't edit it (right now)" would do Image
(floink @ jan. 15 2004,21:05 Wrote:bump... just an "u can't edit it (right now)" would do  Image
i give you a "dunno" for the meantime. Image