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Full Version: [MOD] Cinema Experience (Home Theater Experience Script) support Media Stream Redux
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Based on Harro's excellent description here, I now have Cinema Experience running in Dharma Media Stream Redux.

When setting up Cinema Experience, make sure you read the first 6 posts in that thread (all by Giftie).

Anyway - here's how to set it up in Media Stream Redux:

1. In Windows 7, open up Windows Explorer and go to:


2. Rename the DialogVideoInfo.xml to old_DialogVideoInfo.xml, so you can replace it if you don't like Cinema Experience at a later junction.

3. Download this new video info xml in its place. Make sure to rename it from DialogVideoInfo.txt to DialogVideoInfo.xml (I couldn't upload it as xml for some reason).

This will result in the Cinema button appearing at the right after right-clicking on a Movie and choosing "Movie Information". I find on some movies that the button is out of sight, but rotates into view by clicking all the way to the right.