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Full Version: [LINUX] Can't logout of XBMC-standalone
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I installed xbmc-standalone and I have it auto login to an XBMC session after boot, which is all good. But when I exit xbmc, it simply shows the ubuntu wallpaper for 2 seconds and then re initiates xbmc.

At first I thought I hadn't given it enough time before it auto logs in so I changed it to 10 seconds. Still same problem. 2 seconds of wallpaper and then back to xbmc.

The logout function on the aeon skin also does nothing at all, whereas the logout option for the transparency skin is simply missing.

I'm also decently new to ubuntu/linux so I don't know what files I would need to edit to rectify this.

Any help?
I have exactly the same problem, I have been googling for a while now trying to find a solution.

Did you have any luck fixing it midevilshadow?

I am using Ubuntu 10.10, I get the login screen when I first boot up and can select what sort of session I want to load (XBMC) but when it is loaded and I exit it goes to a 2seconds of wallpaper (no options) and then launches XBMC again.

To get to Gnome desktop I have to reboot everytime.

Thanks in advance for any help!
I worked out a workaround in the meantime to get to the login screen without rebooting.

switch to a terminal (ctrl-alt-f1)
then killall xbmc-standalone

then switch back to ctrl-alt-f8 to get to login screen...

Surely there is a better way of doing this!! I am a complete noob, I have only set up my computer and been using linux for the past week...

Any help is appreciated!!!!!!
Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved or if there is some certain thing I need to do? IT IS VERY ANNOYING!

I have Ubuntu (full version) installed. Just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 and am having the same problem. I can use XBMC from within my regular profile but sometimes when I exit XBMC I just get a black screen and have to do a hard reboot. So I created a second user and have that log straight into XBMC. That works, but when I go to log out of that user profile, I can't. No matter what option I choose: exit, shutdown, reboot, It always comes right back to the XBMC main menu. I have the standalone version installed so I do get the option of XBMC as one of the default desktops.

Please help!
HOW are you doing this black hat witchery?

What is your xinitrc?
Hi folks,

I am running XBMC at a debian squeeze and the packages from oppserver.
Yesterday I upgraded to 2:11.0-pre+pvr-git20110927+opp~1 and I had the same problem now: when I try to exit xbmc and get back to gdm, it always restarts the xbmc again.Sad

After a little bit of research I found out that xbmc crashes with exit code 139 and that the script
restarts xbmc in such a case.

There are two workarrounds for me:

1. exit xbmc shortly three times in a row: then the script regocnizes that something's wrong and exits to gdm (hopefully).

2. modify the script- comment out the crash-detection but that is of cause on your own risk.

It is a good question why xbmc crashes with 139- this was definitly not the case with the older version I was using before.


CU Doc