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Full Version: Thumb height doesn't work anymore?
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i'm starting a new skin and i found out that only the thumb widht in the thumbpanel control can be adjusted, whatever i put in the thumb height nothing change.
look to me that to make the thumbs perfectly square it's used only the width adjustemt, am i right??
what i'm tryng to do is to use differents default-folder.png for music,videos,pictures and apps:
for example an empty cd box for music, a dvd box for movies etc..
tnx jmarshall, in advance, for your answer i know you'll read this topic.
:d :thumbsup:
hi kotix,

as you predicted, here's my answer:

the thumbs are rendered using both the width and height parameters. the width and height forms a bounding box inside of which the thumb will reside. the thumb will be resized so that it is as large as possible inside this box, whilst retaining it's aspect ratio. this is necessary as the differing screenmodes have different pixel aspect ratios, therefore the size in pixels of a square box changes depending on the resolution. the key is: thumbs are always displayed so that their aspect ratio is correct. the width and height tags just form a bounding box for the image.

tnx jmarshall, it's working perfectly, nevermind.
look forward to it Smile