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Full Version: Asrock ION drivers for XBMC 10
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Hey, currently running dharma beta 2 and I want to upgrade to the full XBMC 10 but worried about installing the remote drivers as the method for installing remote drivers in xbmc live changed with different beta versions of dharma. (something to do with different versions of ubuntu)

anyone have an asrock ion and successfully installed xbmc 10 with the remote drivers? and if so can they post the step by step instructions for installing the drivers Smile

i obviously dont want to wipe beta 2 and do a fresh install until i know i can use my remote.

thanks guys
thanks, I found the xbmcfreak livecd and I'm going to give that a try. shame xbmc live doesnt have built in remote driver setup when you first install live. you could skip it if you dont have a remote but the massive list of remotes is all in that driver package.

thanks again