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Full Version: Ahanix 301 VFD with Dharma 10.0
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Hi there, im just about to set up my new media center comprising of the following :

Ahanix MCE301 Case
Zotac ion itx F-E
40GB Intel SSD

First off going to install the latest Dharma live release (Obviously) But then iv read a multitude of views, on installing the driver for the vfd to work correctly mainly for the 9.11 release and not the dharma one. I understand that this uses the irtrans driver but could some one shed some light on this for me.
Im after a nice clean install.

1. Do i need to uninstall any current drivers/software on dharma
2. What steps do i need to take to setup irtrans or any other programs for this to work.

Any help greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Nod