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Full Version: Crystal HD and XBMC 10
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I got Mythbuntu 9.10 installed on my Apple TV now I just installed a Crystal HD BCM970015.

I tried play HD recording from my MythTV server but I am getting stuttering picture/sound in the playback and CPU load > 80% indicates that Crystal HD is not used in XBMC

I don't see Crystal HD as an option in XBMC for video rendering.

lspci | grep Broadcom


02:00.0 Multimedia controller: Broadcom Corporation Device 1615

Do I need to compile XBMC from source?

Anybody got an idea on what I am missing here?

Thanks for the answer.

I removed XBMC and re-installed XMBC by following the link.

I get this error in xbmc.log:

Unable to load libcrystalhd.so.3, reason: libcrystalhd.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any idea?

Quote:sudo apt-get install subversion autoconf
svn checkout http://crystalhd-for-osx.googlecode.com/...-osx-3.6.0
cd crystalhd-for-osx-3.6.0/crystalhd/linux_lib/libcrystalhd
sudo make install
cd ../../driver/linux
sudo make install
sudo modprobe crystalhd

did you do this?
Thanks that took care of the error

Thx again
I built from the boradcomm sources instead as well. Basically, that particular error comes because the broadcomm library is versioning itself as 2.0, and the one in google code is 3.6, and xbmc is looking for libcrystalhd.so.3.

So you could also make it work by going into your /usr/lib directory and doing
ln -s libcrystalhd.so.3 libcrystalhd.so.2, and it will make a symbolic link that will point to the libcrystalhd.so.2 library.

I'm not sure what other bugs may have been fixed between 2.0 to 3.6, but this does make xbmc find your crystalhd card and will use it for decoding hd.
I have spent ALL DAY and MOST of the night on this issue. Are there any problems on Ubuntu 10.10 with this?

I have no way of knowing how or why it went wrong I first tried the tutorial above with no HD Decoding. I have been testing with this file ....


I am starting to think that it is impossible to remove the install completely and thinking of a reformat which means a lot more work than just crystal HD drivers. Not worth it in my opinion, but looking like I have no choice. I do question whether the tutorial referenced earlier is complete. I have seen others that are more involved, and dont know what to believe
There is a far easier way!

at this page


I think you must install the kernel modules last

No fuss no muss no failure installed perfectly on Mint 10 after days of trying to build them based on a variety of tutorials, most of which seem incomplete or conflictive