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Full Version: LOVEFiLM Movie Scraper
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Hi all,

I've written a lovefilm.com scraper and thought I'd share it.

You can find it here, both as an addon zip and the source if you want to tinker...

Whilst I love the movie scrapers built into XBMC they are only really good for actual movies, where as lovefilm have a lot of DVD's that are not movies.

It's not totally feature complete, but gets all the most important info.

Hope others find it useful.
Any bugs please shout and I'll try and have a look.


PS: Many thanks for this guy for helping me get started... although all that remains is the core structure, but would never have attempted it without this to start off Smile
I'm amazed that nobody's commented on this as there have been loads of people that have asked for the Lovefilm plug-in

I'm struggling to get it to work though. It looks like it installs from zip ok but I can't find where to configure or use it
FYI Will not install on Eden - Beta. Unmet dependencies. Smile
When it's Eden compatible, I'll give it a whirl.

Not tried Eden yet, been a bit busy.
Should it work once the dependencies are met, or is it dependencies on my side?

Should also probably ensure that the scraper still works, since not used it for ages Smile

I have an ATV2 with XBMC running (iPlayer etc.)

Trying to install your exciting plugin from Zip

I get a dependencies not met error, how can I resolve ?

Many thanks Peter
Thanx for the code. I've changed the settings to www.lovefilm.se to find Swedish titles.
Works good, it gives me pictures and information in swedish. The title does not work though.
It changes the swedish characters åäö to other characters.

Any idea on how to solve that?
(2011-12-31, 12:15)Mudislander Wrote: [ -> ]FYI Will not install on Eden - Beta. Unmet dependencies. Smile


just add the version information like below in the addon.xml:

<import addon="xbmc.metadata" version="1.0" />

Hi togehter,

I loved to see, that there is an add-on for lovefilm. As I was new in this area, I was not aware, that it is "only" a metadata scraper resp. in fact I didn't know, what a metadata scraper is ...

Now, I know it and I am a little bit sad. I was looking forward for an addon in XBMC with the possibility to use the vod service from lovefilm, but it lokks like, that there is no plugin anywhere around .. or do you know sth. else?


To have a Lovefilm scraper is awesome. This site (www.lovefilm.com) not only has better, more nuanced movie information than either IMDB or TheMDB, it also has information for ballet and opera, both the newest (post-2000) performances and some of the classics.

Unfortunately it fails to install in Frodo (RC2). westy, can you fix it?

After implementing the hack suggested by Ranki (<import addon="xbmc.metadata" version="1.0" />), the scraper is usable in Frodo RC3 (I did not actually install it as a zipped addon, I just copied the whole folder to ~HOME/addons. After reboot it was usable. That is, it accessed the site, accepted the filenames as input, and tries to scrape metadata.

at the end it failed to scrape/download anything. I specifically did a second test with a file for which data are available on Lovefim, Handel's opera Alcina (Stuttgart 1999). And even though at the request of the scraper I input the name exactly as it is on the Lovefilm site, still nothing happened.

Pity, a real pity. There is no other site with so much opera/ballet information as Lovefilm.

Perhaps ask Universal Scraper to include Lovefilm as an additional source?