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Full Version: [release] [script] Trailer Downloader
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a few days ago, i've asked, within the Thread of Cinema Experience,if it's possible to add another trailer scraper or something else..

after a couple of days seeing my post ignored (exept for one answer, wich was not realy what i was asking for) i decided to make a litle script to download trailers from mooviemaze.de.

I started with a Bash script (doesn't get far with this) before i changed to Python (without knowing that XBMC scripts are also Python ^^). I managed to get a working downloader in Python in a few hours.

after removing odd wget to download the trailers, i decided to have a look at xbmc script howtos, and luckly found out that it's also python... so it would be not a problem to integrate it within xbmc.

To cut a long story short, it works!

So here is a bleeding edge version of the script for all german (and english) people, who want to download trailers within xbmc.

Feature list is very short ^^:

- Downloads Trailers
- Language can be changed in the settings dialog
- Download path can be changed in the settings dialog

The script can be downloaded at my Server.


P.s.: by the way, it is my first script for xbmc, and even my first python script.
As a starting point i took the rssEdit script from XBMC, so there may be leftovers from the script.
Don't be rude at my scripting skills, please Smile
Can you give more info regarding how configurable it is. My issue, which I mentioned in the cinema experience post too, is that I want to be able to select what type of trailers are downloaded.

The HD-Trailer Downloader tends to pull alot of documentaries or multiple trailers for one movies (the trailers may be different, but who cares...I only want 1 trailer per film!) Does your script allow for any of this?
sorry, the trailers can not be limited by genre or something..

the script downloads all trailers of the givven language, even if there are multiple trailers for one film.
i thought it would let you pick what to download but tries to download everything, even very old trailers. Needs work.
cherzo Wrote:i thought it would let you pick what to download but tries to download everything, even very old trailers. Needs work.

it's scripted in a few hours.. sure it needs alot of work ^^
Hi kubax

your script is a great idea but it donĀ“t work :-( outdate ??
Yep, heavyli outdated.
And i won't update it, because we decided to live without Trailers.

But, feel free to update it, and repost it.

link missing also