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Full Version: XBMC Music Library & iTunes: CoverArt
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OK, First off, I LOVE XBMC. It does wonders for my Movie/TV Show collections (esp. with the help of Media Companion).

I recently decided to integrate my music collection with XBMC as well. I currently keep my music meticulously managed within iTunes with all Artist, Song, Album, Artwork in tact and let iTunes Organize and Manage the music. I pointed XBMC at the iTunes folder and got almost all of my ALBUM coverart, but when viewing in Library mode, I get nothing in Artist view. An attempt to Download with ALLMUSIC scrapper was unsuccesful and yield 2 (literally) Artist downloads (50 Cent and Annuals, randomly).

<<See below pics>>

Is there a way to just default the Artwork to the Artists first album so that my Multi-Plex/Coverview views don't look so pathetic? Or am I missing something with AllMusic? Is there a better scraper?

Thanks in advance