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Full Version: Help on compiling from git in XBMC live.
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I am having trouble compiling XBMC from GIT, I asked for some pointers and just told that the only thing that changeed was the Git clone link and rebase for updates.

I wrote this http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=89817 hoping that others who had questions could find some help, but since I cant make it work, I kindly ask anyone who has experience compiling xbmc from GIT to clarify what and how it should be done properly.

I get no errors its just doesnt compile...

I will try to post logs of all the commands in mean while... as sooon as I have some time, to distract me form my real live problems.

never mind its must have been a glitch, how to seems to work however I installed unrar free?

Just compiled a git from trunk and its working wonderful over top of stable dhama., will post screenshots when possible.

maybe a required dependency,must investigate ths further.