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Full Version: high CPU
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I was wondering what your cpu usage was with xbmc? My seem to be very high around 180+ while browsing my movies and around 80+ while in the xbmc homescreen. it will drop to say around 30% to 50% while watching a movie. Most of the time I have one of my cores at 100% however.

what is your cpu usage and what have you done to fix it.


have you found a solution for this? I´m having the same problem.


Really no oneHuh I´ve searched and found nothing functional...
Some people say enable VSync others say disable it...
Some people say resize all thumbs....

I got a brand new Asus E35M1-M Pro with 2 GB RAM + Corsair SSD.
Actual Git-XBMC and T!-svn running on Debian Squeeze with Kernel 2.6.37

Does anybody have an idea how I can solve thisHuh

I hope someone can help..

Kind regards

nope have not found a solution.
presumably this isn't affecting your movie playback? I am noticing something similar especially now on 10.1 but am also noticing every 15 to 30 mins of video playback one of my CPU cores maxes out at 100% for about 1 min and playback tanks to another 1 fps.