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Full Version: Music Library Wall View (Album View sort by Artist)
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Hello, I trying to find a way to make the "AlbumArtist" tag to show before the "Album" tag in the wall view, when the wall is set to show Albums sorted by Artists.

I have looked a couple of .xml files but cannot find it.

I have made a picture of what i would like to acheive, the "AlbumArtist" tag could be on top or before the "Album" tag and the color yellow is just for differencing the two tags.

Thank you for any possible help.

Seems doable and reasonable to include the Artist name
@ agaragar:

very good idea! now i know whats missing Wink

@ mcborzu:

could imagine that it would the best to put in the AlbumArtist and AlbumTitle in only one line like this :

Hi ! thank you for your quick replies.

I think that putting the "albumartist" and "album" tag side by side is a good idea but what is gonna happening when long filenames like those below are shown ?

Is it possible to put a condition ie: when the text is too long the font size is auto-ajusting. I'm just guessing here.

Cheers Martin.


Various Artists
Beat At Cinecitta - Music from Italian 60s & 70s Exploitation Cinema: Volume 2
when AlbumArtist - "AlbumTitle" is to long, i think its the best solution to roll/scoll horizontally... what do you think about that?!
Yes it's a good idea the scrolling, in this case the best is to put all the text (tags) LEFT justified, so we can always see the "ALBUMARTIST" tag because, often the "ALBUM" tag is long and all we need in the first view is to see the first tag

like this>>

"VARIOUS ARTISTS" Beat At Cinecitta - Music from Italian 60s & 70s ...(SCROLLING).......

What do you think of that ?

Cheers Martin
think that sounds good, and that should be no problem for our mr. skin aka mcborzu
very friendly forum here ! keep the good work. Will wait to see it modified in the GIT repository then :-)

Cheers Martin