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Full Version: [MOD] Home Statistics
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This is a rough implementation of statistics until Jeroen will implement a more refined one. Just copy home.xml in 720p folder. It will replace the rss feed with statistics. Backup the original file if you want to revert to rss feed again. Enjoy.


Nice clean and simple, in keeping with the skin, good work.
Nice work, the "official" implementation will likely be pretty similar Smile
Thank you for putting this up! I made a slight tweak to your code to center the information and changed the blue text to silver:


For anyone that wants it:

Very nice quys !

Thanks I love it
I tweaked it a bit more to match Jeroens Library totals:

Jeroen Wrote:Image

Only I included number of TV Shows and changed the order of music info:



When i add this file it stops fanart being used as the background image. i Checked the settings to ensure it hadn't turned it off and this wasn't the case.

Any ideas?
This mod is already incorporated in the skin.