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Full Version: Smart Playlist based on studio?
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The title pretty much says it all...is it possible to do a smart playlist that uses the studio/network that a TV show airs on?

Example: Smart playlist "NBC" would yield 30 rock, community, chuck, heroes, etc.

Is this possible?
Is it possible via the smart playlist UI ?
I didn't see it as one of the available tags, so i'm working on the assumption that you can't do it, based on that....i just wanted to make sure there weren't any tags i cold add manually to the .xsp to search for it. I can achieve the same thing by making studio folders on my media server and making the playlists by using the "path" tag, but i figured i'd see if there was a way to not do that if i didn't have to.
I can confirm studio is available for movies but is not available for TV shows and episodes. I'd also like to throw my +1 in for the addition of this, as this would make things a lot easier in the development of the PseudoTV addon where Jtucker and Jason are trying to create smart playlists based on channels (ABC, NBC, Fox, etc).
Please add a FR to trac and cc me and Montellese.
jmarshall Wrote:Please add a FR to trac and cc me and Montellese.

Thought I'd do a quick search through the tickets to make sure I wasn't duplicating one already and found this: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/11207

It was opened about 4 weeks ago and seems to be the same thing though expanded to include studio and mpaa at episode level.

I was under the impression that these were only available at the TV Show level but if not then it'd be great to have playlist filtering extended to the episode level as well.
@Jmarshall: Thanks for taking a look at this mate. I know of quite a few people using PsuedoTV that will really appreciate it! This has been one of the most requested features and jtucker was planning on coding all these shows in by hand. This will definitely save him a lot of time...