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Full Version: User defined icon sizes
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i started taking advantage of your imdb feature and think it's great cuz having offical movie posters as my icons for movies adds a certain professional touch, but the problem is the icons are just too small. yes, i am using the biggest icon setting but even then the movie posters are too small in my opinion. it seems like the small icon size defeats the point of downloading the thumbnail since you cannot it see it well. it would be better if the user could define the size of the icons based on his/her preference. i guess this idea would also apply to games/programs because i'm using the official xbox dvd covers and they are a bit small even on the biggest icon setting.

this idea just builds upon your imdb feature so hopefully people will like it. thanks.

the skin determines the size of the icons when in the thumbpanel. take a look at references.xml.
i'll check that out, thanks