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Full Version: Movie posters not showing up in List view?
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Local videos show the movie poster to the right when I am in list view, but video on my shares just shows the blue folder. The poster is there when I get info on the folder. How do I get posters to show on a shared folder?

I'm still seeing this. Do I have to tell it that there's only one movie per folder?
Have your shares been added as sources and have they been scanned for content?
Yes. When I highlight the actual file, it shows the poster, but the folder that the file is in only shows the default folder icon.
I'm having the same or a similar problem. I used 'My Movies' to get all info and art for my files. The files are on a NAS and I added the folders as sources and scraped them. In Folder view, all art and info comes up ok. In library view, the info's there, but no art shows up. Am I missing some setting? I'm just switching over from XBMC for XBox because my XBox is dying. This same setup worked perfectly there.

By the way, the developers ROCK!! I thought XBMC was great on the XBox, but then I got me some Darhma love. You guys just keep topping yourselves.


when I go to set the scraper I can tell it to use the folder name. For some reason this was unchecked....when checked it works fine. What's odd is that it was checked when I did the initial share and config'd the scrapers. This was only happening on shared folders, but not local. Maybe this is some sort of glitch?
I'm having some what of the same prob, not really a problem but something that bothers me...

In fileview(Videos) I have the blue folder on some movies(5/120 movies) but the others have the poster. In library I can see the poster, info and all, just like with the rest of my movies..

as i Was writing this I fixed it... I went into movie information i fileview(video) and vhanged thumb+fanart and the refreshed the information(not locally)