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Full Version: HOW-TO watch Live TV in XBMC for Linux with Tvheadend, the easy way!
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The old thread became quite large, having 166 pages, so I created a new one with the latest info. The "howto" is quite basic and could be expanded later.

Tvheadend is a lightweight TV tuning backend that supports DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, ATSC, IPTV and PAL analog TV. It has an integrated web frontend that can be used to configure the backend, view the EPG and start and view live TV or recordings.

If you're running Ubuntu, you'll only have to execute 3 commands to install Tvheadend and XBMC-PVR. Open a terminal window (Applications -> Terminal) and copy + paste the following commands into it and press enter:
sudo apt-get -y install curl && \
curl -Ls --output /tmp/install-xbmc.sh http://packages.pulse-eight.net/ubuntu/install-xbmc.sh && \
bash /tmp/install-xbmc.sh

If you are using XBMCbuntu, install the following too:
sudo apt-get -y install xbmc-standalone

Configuring TVheadend
Go to the TVheadend GUI by visiting http://yourserver:9981/
Go to configuration -> tv adapters and select a tv adapter.
Set the "NIT-o Network ID". You can find that in your provider's manual.
Enable "Autodetect muxes" and "Idle scanning"
Then select "Add DVB Network by location"
Click "save"

Tvheadend will now start to detect multiplexes and services. Wait for "Muxes awaiting initial scan" to become 0.
Then click "Map DVB Services to channels". TVheadend will now try to open each channel and will add each channel that can be opened.

Repeat this process for every DVB adapter.

Configuring XBMC
After installing, you can head to http://yourserver:9981/ to access the web interface and configure the backend.

After you configured the backend, start up XBMC and go to System -> Addons -> Installed -> PVR clients -> Tvheadend HTSP Client. Choose "configure" and fill in the requested information. Then choose "enable" to enable the PVR client. The only thing you should have to change is the server address. Fill in your server ip or host name there.

Go back to System and choose TV -> General -> Activate.

Now you can start using Tvheadend from within XBMC by accessing the LiveTV in the main menu.

For Tvheadend support, visit #hts at irc.freenode.net
For XBMC PVR support, visit #xbmc-pvr at irc.freenode.net
What about documentation of the XBMC PVR. Wiki, Screendumps... Haven't found anything.
dushmaniac Wrote:The "howto" is quite basic and could be expanded later.

thx a lot dushmaniac: my suggestions about expanding it

i) an IMO not too obvious thing worth mentioning. Even Live TV support is installed it
a) has to be enabled in the System section (System -> TV: enable)
b) one has to pick the right feed which is hidden as an add-ons
(System -> Add-Ons -> PVR Clients: enabale Tvheadend HTSP Client).

[esp. b took the the most headache as it was not obvious too me. As with other functions like "Video" or "Music" you normally add a source within the function. So I first added an HTSP source in "Video" as my first trys to add a HTSP source within the "Live TV" section did not work. That it's handled as an Odd-On feature is not a very consistent IMHO?!?]
dushmaniac I edit your first post to point people to the right irc channel for xbmc support we really don't want to crowd up the HTS channel with xbmc related issues. Hope you don't mind
sure mate, no problem. I just took the info from the old thread and changed it a bit.

with the Dharma beta's I noticed that afte using XBMC for some time and then pressing the shutdown button on my remote, it would not shutdown but rather restart XBMC. A second press would shutdown.

Dharma final solved this issue except when in full screen tv.

1. start XBMC
2. start live TV (full screen)
3. press shutdown
.... system does not shutdown, but XBMC restarts
4. in home screen press shutdown again
.... system shuts down properly

log can be found Here
versions as stated in signature.

hope this helps.
PVR integration in XBMC is under development. there's no (complete) documentation yet. feel free to complete the wiki page here: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...BMC-PVR%29

even though I kept the OP quite basic, I did mention those things:
Quote:After you configured the backend, start up XBMC and go to System -> Addons -> Installed -> PVR clients -> Tvheadend HTSP Client. Choose "configure" and fill in the requested information. Then choose "enable" to enable the PVR client.

Go back to System and choose TV -> General -> Activate.
known issue that has been fixed in the development tree.
dushmaniac Wrote:@Ruud:
known issue that has been fixed in the development tree.
Cool, not using the development tree at the moment.
Thanks for all your hard work!
Can you elaborate some more on what the new features are that currently are worked on in the development tree.... might take the jump Cool
stay with Dharma unless you're developing. I'm mainly restructuring and cleaning up the data structures now.
has audio channel priority being looked into yet?

its something that is used on dreambox's so that it automatically selects the audio stream you want. You would fill out an audio priority section on the dreambox web interface like this:

english#audio 2#dos#Tonoption 2#englisch#haa#qaa#org#ORY

if you had the above it would basically mean it would give the english audio option on a lot of foreign tv packages if you had a motorised dish.

For the tv package i am using with tvheadend, ac3 is usually not the default option and some channels have audio streams that have no sound that are default (have to manually select english audio each time).
Hi dush, thanks for making thngs a lot more clearier. Whenever I tried to read all the other threads about live tv I would just get lost because they got so big, that said I would like to ask you if your instructions work for XbmcLive?

Using xbmc-dharma-pvr with tvheadend.

When selecting the record button from the topmenu xbmc instantly replies that the server couldnt record.
When using the digital video recorder function from the tvheadend webinterface everything works fine and tvheadend records.

Then suddenly the recording popup screen shows up in xbmc saying which channel it is recording.
But when stopping the record function on the tvheadend webinterface the popup in xbmc keeps telling it is still recording...

Known bug ?
"Mega-dittos" ie Thank you, Dush! for making/working on such a much-loved/requested project!

I read through your website (friendly navigation, clean interface btw) but after reading both the FAQ, installation instructions, and scanning the XBMC forums, I did not find an answer to the following question:

What video input cards/dongles are fully supported and which would you recommend for main-room HTPC usage?

Thank you kindly for your tireless work. We appreciate you!Big Grin