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Full Version: HOW-TO play whole DVD-video images in XBMC
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just learned that u can play .iso or .img image files of complete dvd on xbmc. .img extension just been added to the list of video extensions that xbmc can play (add it yourself in your .xml config if you want to test it).
happy dvd streaming Smile
fyi, streaming large (4.5gig) files over smb was added in the source on the 15th of jan, it won't work with older code. it's also presently unsupported using the xbmsp protocol, i'm not sure about xns, it probably also has a 2^32 byte limit somewhere...
would this be a dvd that is a direct image of a retail dvd, or just the mpeg of it?
a direct image works just fine!
since the menues aren't supported it might in some cases be a good thing to ffw through them. an .img file contains vob files (if mounted) these are palyable in xbmc... Smile
are there plans to support menus?