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Full Version: embedded subtitles, wrong charset
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Hi there,

Nice work there. I like XBMC, but I found a small bug.

I have OGM files that apparently have a subtitle file (non formatted, I guess .srt) embedded that are encoded in windows-1251 (cyrillic windows). Unfortunately these subtitles are not displayed properly. They are displayed using the default (latin) charset. In the XBMC settings (VIDEO --> SUBTITLES) I've already changed the subtitle charset to "cyrillic (windows)". That works fine for external subtitle files with windows-1251 charset (I tested it), but the embedded subtitles are still displayed with the wrong charset (latin). Is there anything someone could suggest apart from demuxing, changing charset and remuxing the files? I would like to avoid that.

PS: As a little incentive: VLC displays the embedded subtitles correctly once I've changed the default charset to windows-1251 Rolleyes

I use XBMC 10.0 for Mac on Mac OS X 10.6.5

Cheers... Big Grin