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Full Version: How to create custom home group categories?`
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Please forgive me, I've tried to find a how to for this, but I've failed.

I'm just looking to create some additional home screen categories, and then assign specific sources to those categories. Make sense?

I'd like to be able to create a "kids movies" and a "kids shows" so that my wife can easily navigate.

Thanks in advance.
Hello JimBeam.....nice name!

It involves adding some code to the home.xml file and in some cases, adding pictures for the home screen. Some skins are easier than others. Some skins have this ability already. I know that you can add a bunch of items to the Transparancy skin and I believe NIght as well. I haven't tried too many other skins. Anyway, go to the forum for the skin you are using and see if there are any mods to achieve this for you. Short of that, try a different skin.

I had the same wish, and then i stumbled on this topic
It worked perfect