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Full Version: [LIVE] My Movies cover art not showing up in Library
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I just switched over from XBMC on XBox, which I loved, to XBMC Live (Darhma). Wow! What an improvement! The developers did a great job! But, I'm having some bumps along the way. I'm sure there's a simple solution to this problem, but I haven't found it on the forums.

I have about 500 movies in VOB format. Each movie is in it's own folder named for the movie, which in turn is in various folders on several NAS drives I have. I used My Movies to add cover art and movie information to the movie files too.

I added the movie folders as a video source and when I view it in folder view, everythings fine. The cover art shows up, and if I go into info, all the info's there. But, when I view them in library view, none of the cover art shows up. Well almost none. Some random movies show up, like "Rocky" and 'Star Wars", but those titles are repeated numerous times. The info is there for all the movies, but not the art. What gives? It all worked fine on the XBox.

As I said, I'm sure there's a simple solution, but I'm just a little too simple to find it. Big Grin

Thanks for any help.,
Make sure in My Movies - Collection Management you have Store meta-data for XBMC (NFO files) checked. You can find this in Options -> Meta Data Storage.

I "think" you have to resave each title again for the NFO to be saved to each of the movie folders. To do this...select "Save Title" on the bottom of the movie info.

I could be wrong about the save piece of it though.