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Full Version: [PVR] source and binaries location and updates
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package odk40 is available on the ppa.

shortened changelog:
Quote:pvr: fixed non-pvr settings being disabled when the pvrmanager is disabled
pvr: reordered pvr related guisettings
pvr: fixed ios/atv2/osx build (credits: amet)
pvr: fixed channel preview mode. enable it by setting a delay in system->livetv->playback->delay channel switch
pvr: fixed the pvr channel manager window
pvr: show an optional notification when a timer state changes (for all add-ons now, not just tvheadend anymore)
pvr: select the currently playing file in pvr windows. timeline will follow later.
pvr: fixed overwriting video settings for channels (credits: fernetmenta)
pvr: fix segfault on startup when dialog ok is not ready (credits: fernetmenta)
pvr: fixed unhiding hidden channels
pvr: fixed a couple of potential crashes and deadlocks
pvr: separate the advanced setting that controls the min. playback buffer level into one for audio and one for video
pvr: actually use the video settings added in f318fdf4ce93dd1d6742528d9d9acf5ac26bda92. thanks nemphys for pointing it out
confluence: upgraded to horizontal confluence (credits: JezzX)
mediaportal pvr addon updates (credits: margro)
vnsi addon: status message fix (credits: pipelka)
pvr: make sure that channel settings are persisted when changing channels. caused by 0f862bbcf17751bf47e5f99f3c299901a10c82dc. issue #110
tvheadend add-on: increase the default response timeout to 3 seconds. issue #112
pvr: move the pvrplayback.scantime check to DVDPlayer instead of trying to handle it in CPVRClients. always restart the timer if the stream buffers run dry. closes #118
pvr: fix deadlock in CPVRManager caused by 025772d6e6fbcb6a2cc26dd1af29c0c5f2f477d7. closes #120.
full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compar...615e173acc

a windows build will follow later this evening on the site linked in my signature.
package odk42 is available on the ppa. not much has changed on the pvr side of the code since the last build, since I didn't have much time.

shortened changelog:
Quote:merged xbmc/master to pvr

full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compar...b485416c41
package odk44 is available on the ppa, this time with a build for karmic too (missed a dependency last time).

shortened changelog:
pvr: added keymappings for PVR views
      e = activate EPG = XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 31,0, 10,0)
      h = activate TV = XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 32,0, 11,0)
      j = activate Radio = XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 33,0, 12,0)
      k = activate Recordings = XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 34,0, 13,0)
      b = activate Search = XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 35,0, 14,0)
confluence: add the progress of the currently playing epg event to the TV and radio channel list. add some more epg info to the details of a selected channel. issue #148
pvr: adapted timeline view to new guilib (credits: FernetMenta)
pvr: handle ACTION_NAV_BACK properly in CGUIWindowPVRCommon
pvr: fixed deadlock when switching to a channel that's unavailable
pvr: replaced the busy dialog in CPVRManager by a progress bar.
pvr: don't queue notifications while keeping a lock in CPVRTimers. fixes possible deadlock when creating a new timer
pvr / add-ons: fixed a bunch of memory leaks (credits: Margro)
pvr: add PVR.HasNonRecordingTimer to guiinfo. only display a 'next timer' in confluence when there actually is a next timer. fixes empty 'next timer' on the home screen
pvr: stop playback via the application messenger if the channel couldn't be switched. see commit notes on 5eb53947a50f951b019d16987630393ffabea008. thanks FernetMenta and elupus
pvr: clean ups and optimisations in CPVRClients
pvr: make CACHESTATE_PVR controlable via advancedsettings->pvr.cacheindvdplayer
epg: clean up the epg update code.
epg: CGUIWindowPVRChannels wasn't listening for the correct epg notifications
epg: make the retry time when an update was interrupted configurable
vdr-vnsi add-on: fixed Windows build (credits: Margro)
pvr: remove deleted channels in batches of 50 instead of sending one big query to the db. closes #137. closes #155
pvr: refactor add-on initialisation and destruction. add-ons can now be enabled and disabled after enabling the pvrmanager. closes #159
pvr: log timer updates in LOGDEBUG instead of LOGINFO. closes #151
confluence: simplify the EPG programme info dialog. issue #148
confluence: simplify the EPG dialog. issue #148
pvr: changed PVR_RECORDING.iClientIndex from an int to a string: strRecordingId. closes trac 11678
epg: provide a generated id to new EPG tables when the db isn't being used instead of the db row id. closes #160
epg: remove m_strPlotOutline from m_strPlot if it's the same. closes #129
full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compar...60222aaa6b

If you like to read more about the latest changes, check out http://blog.pulse-eight.com/2011/08/01/xbmc-pvr-update/
A new build is available, but no longer on the PPA, but on a new location: http://packages.pulse-eight.net/ubuntu
This way, I can keep older revisions on the server, so people can revert to previous builds if needed. There will also be daily builds of the dev tree available on this server later. I'll post an update about this as soon as it's ready.

To install XBMC-PVR, execute the following commands:
sudo apt-get install curl
curl -Ls --output /tmp/install-xbmc-pvr.sh http://packages.pulse-eight.net/ubuntu/install-xbmc-pvr.sh
chmod +x /tmp/install-xbmc-pvr.sh

Notice for VDR-VNSI users: upgrade your VNSI add-on, or the aspect ratio will be detected incorrectly.

More info about this update and the new package location can be found here: http://blog.pulse-eight.com/2011/08/13/x...-update-2/.

Shortened changelog:
pvr: made XBMC start up a lot faster when the ignoredbforclient isn't set.
pvr: exit the pvrmanager a bit faster.
pvr: fixed bug in CPVRManager::Stop() so it really stops threads now. fixes crash when resetting the pvr database
pvr: fixed crash when the pvr data is reset
pvr: don't allow pvr add-ons to be uninstalled
pvr: don't crash when the application is being closed while loading the pvrmanager
pvr: show a dialog when a user enabled the pvrmanager without any enabled pvr add-on and show the add-on browser with the pvr add-ons
pvr: fixed buffering up to 100% when starting a new stream
pvr: fixed possibly stalled streams after a channel switch
pvr: added pvr windows to the default remote keymap
epg: pull the epg completely out of the pvrmanager. also fixes missing/wrong epg pointers on channels
epg: only use a generated epg id if m_bIgnoreDbForClient is true. fixes missing/wrong epg tables on some channels after a restart
epg: fixed crashes and missing tables when the epg is reset
epg: don't add pvrchannels and timers to epginfotag based fileitems. fixes invalid epg pointers in the ui
pvr/epg: use a generated epg id in CPVRChannel when ignoredbforclient is true. fixes ignoredbforclient setting
epg: the db was still being used in some methods even if ignoredb was set. fixed.
win32: sync VS2010 project files remove missing PVR EPG files. (margro)
osx: sync xcode projects (memphiz)

tvheadend add-on: fixed possible deadlocks and a couple of clean ups.
vdr-vnsi add-on: VDR users have to upgrade their VNSI plugin

pvr: fix segfault in CPVRTimers::Unload() when the epg container has been deleted before the timers. closes #184
pvr: don't wait for ApplicationMessenger::MediaStop() to finish in CDVDPlayer::HandleMessages() or it'll cause a deadlock. closes #183
pvr: reopen the stream when performing a channel switch from radio -> tv or tv -> radio. closes #180
pvr: fix CPVRChannelGroup::GetByChannelDown(). closes #174
pvr: don't crash when trying to switch to a channel that couldn't be fetched. issue #174
pvr: set channel paths after loading and updating channels, not while loading them from the db. closes #172
pvr: check whether the internal group can be found before using it. fixes segfault from issue #172
vdr-vnsi add-on: don't wait for the first packet in a stream when switching channels. fixes lock when switching to a channel that's unavailable. closes #170
pvr: stop pvr playback when the pvrmanager is stopped via the application messenger and wait until playback stopped before unloading the pvr data. issue #170
channel settings when switching caching state from pvr to done in CPVRPlayer. issue #170
pvr: stop threads when the application is stopped. don't start new threads when the application is stopped. don't try to get localised strings when the application is stopped. and no longer send observable messages when the application is stopped. issue #170
pvr: fix CPVRDatabase::GetCurrentGroupMembers() and related CPVRChannelGroup::IsGroupMember(). closes #169
pvr: add ACTION_NAV_BACK handling to CGUIWindowPVRRecordings. closes #167
pvr: don't try to fetch EDLs for any internet stream. issue #166

Full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compar...5c6848a37b
Another build is available at http://packages.pulse-eight.net/ubuntu
I've integrated support for the Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid in this build (go to system->input->peripherals after plugging it in if you have one), via https://github.com/Pulse-Eight/xbmc/comm...112cdfbf6b. This support is not present in mainline XBMC or the main PVR branch yet. Check 383 (PR) for details.

shortened changelog:
pvr: XINPUT_IR_REMOTE_EPG_SEARCH 247 -> 246. 246 is taken by MENU already. thanks FernetMenta
pvr: fix infinite loop when searching for radio channels when the only active pvr addon does not support radio channels (credit: margro)
osx: sync xcode projects (credits: Memphiz)
epg: notify observers in CEpgContainer::Clear(). fixes possible crash when entering the epg timeline window after an epg reset before it's been fully reloaded
epg: forgot to initialise m_bLoaded in CEpg, resulting in pretty random EPG load behaviour closes #205
vdr/vnsi: support for ARMEL (PR #204, credits: overflowed)
pvr/epg: fixed a couple of byref param bugs and some warnings (PR #202, credits: margro)
pvr: call UpdateData() in CGUIWindowPVRCommon::OnMessageFocus() when m_bEpgCacheUpdateRequired = true. closes #201
pvr/epg: set m_bUpdateRequired to true when a notification was received in CGUIWindowPVRGuide while it wasn't visible. issue #201
epg: keep a much shorter lock while clearing the epg. closes #199
pvr/epg: clear the playing epg tag in CPVRGUIInfo after the update thread has been stopped. fixes possible crash when the epg is cleared while playing a channel. issue #199
epg: removed unneeded locks in Close, Show and UpdateProgressDialog. they're all called from the same thread. fixes dead lock when clearing the epg while playing a channel. issue #199    
pvr: updated documentation for instant timers on the pvr interface. issue #189
support for the Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid on windows, linux and osx
Full changelog: https://github.com/Pulse-Eight/xbmc/comp...4e9f5b79e1
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