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Full Version: [LIVE] Futaba VFD 40 x 2 , Wiring and software
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Hi all,
I have a beautiful APEX MW-100 case running the latest ASUS AT5ION-T board

Link to case is here
Link to Board is here.

I`m pretty sure this is quite a standard setup, as many have ran the Asus board and performance is fantastic. However i would like to roll out the mods to this baby.

The case has a Mini DVD slot to put the drive in. However, the size (with a little mods) would allow me to fit a Futaba 40 x 2 VFD screen. And fit nicely with a nice mirror finish.

However, has anyone wired on of these screens before? I`m quite lost as i couldn't find anything to get the wiring done.

That's the screen. and LCDproc supports futaba VFDs. However, i can't seem to find the schematic to get this to work.

Could some kind soul help out. and maybe we can make this in to a tutorial. i`m sure there are quite a few people that want to wire up a cool VFD to their XBMC box. Smile