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Full Version: Possible to have more remote buttons than the remote?
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I have a ASRock 330HT with a built-in IR using the Nuvoton driver for the IR.

The remote have 50 buttons on it, almost all of them is used for something in xbmc.

I also have a Logitech Harmony One that I want to use instead of the ASRock one. I can see that its possible to get the remote to do a lot of stuff that would be cool to have but if I want it, I have to remove some of the other commands from the buttons.

My question is. The Harmony remote is able to have all the buttons I want, so is it possible to "learn" the IR Reciever in the 330 new buttons that are not part of the normal setup or am I stuck with the 50 buttons that is part of the remote?

Hope someone can answer this :=)
Thanks in advance.

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