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Full Version: Changing position of displayed Informations
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Hello everybody,

I use the wonderful XBMC on my home cinema screen 21:9.
Now I want to ask if there is a possibilty to move the infos ( codec infos, bitrate on mp3s, playing next track... ) in the middle of the screen.
Normaly its dislpayed at the bottom and at the top of the screen.
But there is the black masking of my projector film screen so I can't see anything clearly.

Another question: is it possible to change the size of the gui to more than -20?

THX a lot, friends.

Greets from Hannover.

So guys,

no answer...

What schould I do?

Is there anybody that could say me how to shrink the XBMC-GUI to more than -20 percent Huh