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Full Version: XBMC will not scan UPNP Library
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Hello Everyone,

I have been playing around with XBMC for a few weeks now. Honestly, I have been going crazy trying to get the scrapers to work with my TV Shows and Movies. I have named all of my files properly, and setup the directory structures in a way that seems acceptable.

I have a WD MyBook Live Network Storage Drive. It uses Twonky Media to serve to all the devices in my house. It works perfectly... except for XBMC.

When I have movies or TV shows stored locally on my MacBook or Win 7 machine, it will scan and add them properly.

When I try to add a source from my UPNP - Twonky Media - it either scans one movie and never stops scanning or adding any more. --- or it just doesn't add any at all .

I have this from my last log

17:21:54 T:2955026432 M:829480960 WARNING: CreateLoader - Unsupported protocol(upnp) in upnp://7076436f-6e65-1063-8074-0090a9f635d2/0%243%2434%24355/
17:21:58 T:2955026432 M:829259776 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting upnp://e43325c0-aba8-4d4d-b483-fc2f26c4c183/6960ADB4/
17:21:58 T:2955026432 M:829259776 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:16

If anyone can help, I am open to suggestions here.

... So RIGHT after I posted, I figured out how to add my sources as SMB instead of UPNP. Scanning works flawlessly. Everything is now right as rain
Although this is not the most helpful response. I also gave up on this and used samba.
same problem in Eden. It's a shame because the upnp protocol are much more efficient that SMB allowing for faster start time and quicker seeking / rewind.
UPNP is known to not work with the scrapers as the UPNP path is dynamically generated/named each time.

NFS is the fastest protocol if you can use this, or FTP/DAV. SMB is slow (I have tried and tested all of these from my Apple TV's, XBMCUbuntu, and Windows install to my media store on my NAS)