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Full Version: Best way to get actor images?
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Hi all,

I notice when you use the xbmc scraper, it downloads the actor images.

However, I used Media Center Master to create the .nfo and download fanart and covers. It did not appear to download actor images.

Of course, now that my files have metadata, the internal xbmc scrapper is not used.

How can I get the actor images - other than doing a one by one refresh within xbmc?

also looking for tool that will download just actor images especially from moviedb.org
I triple the motion for such a tool... I would hate to re-do my entire library from scratch and then have to clean up after the scraper's mistaken movie selections.


Even if you have local artwork and nfo xbmc will still download actor thumbs when scraping unless you have turned that option off
I use an extra computer to do all of my scraping, and after I have scraped with XBMC, I export my library to separates. Giving me all of my nfo, tbn, jpg and actor folder stored with my movies.

From there, I have a working copy of the original EMM that I use to get extra info that I want. I limit it to only use my existing information and not allowed to create anything itself. Then when I scrape with EMM, I only allow it to get the meta for sound and picture formats from the movie itself and to download the actors. I have actors limited to only ones with images, and a maximum of 16. Won't say that it is perfect, but usually gets all the stars, without to many of the no-name extras (I've had several movies that would pull over 50, and to me, that is a mess).

Last step, I go to each of my 3 zboxes and in file mode, I refresh each new movie. I could do this with an auto update, but since I know what is new, I just do it myself. If I was doing all my movies, I would just remove my source and add it in again.

My way is in no way a perfect way to do it. The real time consumer is using EMM, it is slow to find and load new movies. But at the moment, it is what I have to work with. Doesn't seem like there is much action on the 3rd party managers, or at least not progressing very quickly.
>>X<< Wrote:Even if you have local artwork and nfo xbmc will still download actor thumbs when scraping unless you have turned that option off

Thank you X!

Your trick did the job. I guess when I first added my media, I had the actor download option off. So I deleted my source with all the movies (but in my original movie folders, I still had all the metadata nfo, thumbs and posters intact). I re-added the sources and after a long scan, I now have actor images.

Tightwad... your process sounds very comprehensive, but complicated.... I will try to decipher your steps to see if I can replicate. Having a backup of this sounds very interesting.

Thanks to all....