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Full Version: HD Movies Smart Playlist won't update immediately...
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I'm using a Win7 x64 setup with Sickbeard and Couchpotato, using the Neon skin (I noticed this problem with other skins too).
When a movie is downloaded and added to XBMC while it is running, the library is updated, the movie is scraped, and it is added just fine. However, when I go to my "HD Movies" Smart playlist, the new HD movie doesn't not initially show up. If I goto view the entire movie collection, the movie appears (listed as HD and everything). After I see the movie under my regular "Movies" listing, it then appears under my "HD Movies" smart playlist.

Is there anyway to fix this?
I didn't post a log as no errors appeared to be occurring.
I have the same setup, and am curious about this as well....I have numerous playlists, and it seems i have to update the entire library before newly downloaded shows appear in the playlists.
No ideas?
The debug log will likely tell you the answer.
I guess it'll have to wait til I auto-download another HD file while XBMC is running before I can post a debug log.

The movie is added to the library just fine, scraped fine, and everything is working fine. I was guessing it has something to do with the way XBMC handles the Smart Playlists (i.e - doesn't truly update them in real-time), or perhaps the media tags for the files aren't databased immediately, thus XBMC would not know it was an HD movies until after I scroll to the movie in the regular "Movies" view (thus creating the proper media tags and XBMC realizing it is an HD movie --> which meets my criteria of the smart playlist)
Smartplaylists are updated whenever you fetch the folder, unless they've been cached for some reason (take ages to retrieve) whereby they're updated when you navigate out and refetch the folder.

It has nothing to do with when things pop up in the Movies folder (which is cached in a similar manner)
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