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Full Version: Is Microsoft Media Center as a Backend even Possible?
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Don't ban me - it's a serious question from a non-programmer. I'm looking for a serious answer from someone who is knowledgeable on this topic.

Is this even possible, or is it something that either/or:
1. Microsoft has it so locked down and protected that it's not practical?
2. No one really cares to do it, so there isn't one?

I have invested a great deal of time into both XBMC and WMC (Windows 7) and it's time I either choose one, or get them to play nice together.

I would like a Windows-only solution. I've tried Media Portal backend, and had no luck. I'm planning on trying out the MythTV Backend Windows version soon.
You could try external players? Don't think any dev would want to go through the hassle of creating a nice backend solution.

I think it's easier to try to fix your problems with Mediaportal.
MartijnGP Wrote:Don't think any dev would want to go through the hassle of creating a nice backend solution.

What would be the hassle?

The mediaportal setup works fine, if you cannot get it working you've done something wrong.

After you've put the xbmc plugin into the mediaportal folder, launch media portal, activate the plugin.

In windows click:

Start (windows button)
Type in the search field: cmd (then hit enter)

In command prompt type:
Net stop TVService

Net start TVService


Launch xbmc, go to addons, pvr addons, select mediaportal tsreader, configure, set sever ip address to: localhost

Hit ok

Go to tv in settings
Hit enable.
And what myth tv backend windows version? There isnt one...

im using mediaportal as tv backend and it worked out of the box.
Maybe i can help you? What went wrong exactly?

If you are using german t-home iptv i can give you also a hit
to get it working Wink

Like @loggio said if you cannot get it rock u've done something wrong.

Greetz X23
In fairness to the original poster I'm using mediapoortal as a backend, and although it works with xbmc, it's not a nice solution as yet. The problems I have with it are:

1. Streaming recorded tv to a second pc (acer , it is so slow as to be unwatchable.

2. Can't record a tv series only single episodes.

3. Recorded tv shows up as a list only, no smart thumbnails, description etc.

4. The whole epg experience and system navigation isn't great.

Now before I get shot down in flames, I know this is early days for xbmc and pvr, but these issues will need addressing if xbmc is going to compete as a pvr against windows media center.

The obvious other advantage to using wmc as a backend is that it makes it easier for anyone who has been using wmc to swap to (or between) xbmc. I'm not, however suggesting that it would be easy (or indeed possible) to implement.
These problems exist in most backends at the moment, it's a work in progress and shouldn't be used as a "daily basis" pvr at the moment. If you do use it daily, then you are completely aware of the lack of features and are ok with it.

mce 7 as a backend would be rubish. I thought it might be a good idea not long ago, but then i thought to myself " i use xbmc because windows media center is rubbish " lol and it is.
Sorry, didn't mean to come across as putting down what is essentially a huge effort by other people, just that before this becomes a true WMC killer, all these things will need to be ironed out and working properly. I'm just hoping this won't be too long as it's so nearly the system and setup I really want.
You're not alone... I too wish this.
It also seems that WMC is the only software that allows for DRM'd content to be played back with cablecard devices. There is some new plug-in for sagetv that allows the Ceton card to work, but so far, only with that one card.

Since it seems that all cable companies are now encrypting practically all channels (except for the few local ones), true PVR support will eventually need to handle encrypted content.

Of course, I realize that we are up against the FCC/CableLabs and the cable companies, but we can only hope for this type of support at some time.

Just my .02
Xbmc should have its own backend. There are too many pvr apps out there that all have different/beneficial features. To make all these addon plugins work around the structure of xbmc's pvr abilities is silly, that means potentially there can be 100 pvr plugins available to use for pvr backends inside xbmc's addons section and support for some will be greater than others. You also encounter the issue that 'what if' a developers turns and says I am no longer continuing work for the mythtv backend... Then your stuck with a dead plugin.

If we had a unified backend that came packaged with xbmc, you could get the same experience across all OS's and eliminate the need for all the plugins and all the mess.

I know I'm asking a lot, it's not exactly easy work to pluck a pvr backend out of thin air, this stuff takes time.

I mean, it's happening already, the pvr branch hasn't even been officially released yet and we're already seeing questions like 'which backend is the best?' and replies like 'myth tv for this, tv headend for that" etc... At the end of the day...WTF? Right! Hahaha

Anyways, rant over.


loggio is so right i think Wink
When it's not planned (PVR Dev?) to give xbmc it's own backend it would be clever to find one thats open source so we cannot ran into the problem loggio mentioned before...

Greetz X23
Mediaportal is a really good backend. Best one so far IMHO.
Thanks for all the replies and offerings to help!
Loggio, I made it to this step and never saw any "pvr addons" listed.

loggio Wrote:Type:

Launch xbmc, go to addons, pvr addons, select mediaportal tsreader, configure, set sever ip address to: localhost

But I had no idea that season scheduling and these other features were missing. So, i will hold off trying to get it to work for the moment.

It IS awesome that there is now a PVR Branch starting up for XBMC (these/you guys are true bad asses!) - I used to think that I'd never see that day.

For the time being I think my best solution is to either just use Media Center (with extenders) or use XBMC and W7MC together. I have a Harmony One remote, so It it easy to jump back and forth between the two.

For what it's worth, Windows 7 Media Center is not rubbish. It does an awesome job at recording shows, and playing back Zune and Amazon purchased content (I don't do torrents), but I always find myself installing add-ons just to get stuff to work like my ISO files to play in W7MC.

I'm on this mission to make my HTPC:
-easy to use for other family members (impossible task right there Smile
-clean, intuitive interface
-integrated streaming content (Netflix)
-live and recorded tv
all this distributed to all machines, appletv's, xboxes, pc's - whatever it may be throughout my household.
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