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Full Version: How to update movie folder PLEASE HELP
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Hello everyone,
Wanted to start off by saying what a great program! Now for the problem I am having.
I want all of my movies in the same folder in XBMC. But for some reason when you go into videos and are in library mode. It comes up with 4 folders. The ones that pertain to my question are the first titled "Movies" and the second titled "Recently added". I have a total of 46 movies in "Movies", and 25 movies in "recently added". For a total of 71 movies. Now why in the "Movies folder when I have it filter by title and any other for that matter. It only shows the 46, not all the movies. It will not allow me to update the library... I've looked through all the settings and everything is correct from what I can see. Do I need to click update library and just leave it for awhile or try importing the library. I have tried both and nothing. I also have left the update bar on.

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Well how many Movies do you have? XBMC says you have 46, or atleast it found 46.

Recently added is just a snapshot, playlist really, of the last 25 Movies added. If you just scanned your collection then it'll show the last 25, so when I first scan it shows in "Recently Added" all my Zodiac, Zoolander, X-Men, etc since Alphabetically those were last scanned...
I have a total of 71 movies uploaded so far. Well I spent awhile this morning fooling around with things. For whatever reason it didn't want to update the library when in library mode. I had to turn off library mode, right click on where my movies are stored and select scan for new content. Once I did that it updates all the movies into the movies folder. Well almost of the movies updated anyways now I have 64 total movies in my movies folder. I believe the only reason it isn't updating the rest is because it keeps coming up with a pop-up that reads "could not download information. Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning?" When I click yes it finishes scanning folder for new content and then says compressing database.
I think I'll just keep trying until it updates completely. Hopefully it will when the it eventually connects to the remote server.
I would suggest you have a look at what movies are missing from your library and manually add them by ''set content'' to the specific movie folder. I've been having problems with my own library where in library I had 110 movies, but there was actually 120 movies.

I made sure the folders, and the files in the folder were named correctly, for some reason I had problems with some movies(not all) where the foldername, 'The Movie' and the files within the folder '*releasegroup*-The.Movie.2011.bla.bla.bla.avi/rar' wouldn't end up in my library. So I renamed the files to 'The.Movie.2011-*releasegroup* and it worked like a charm...

Didn't even have to do that with all movies, just a manual 'set content' to the folder worked out fine.