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Full Version: [RELEASE] Alarm Clock (Script)
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on request from bitblaster here i developped a simple alarm clock.
download now : wakeup ! - v2 - 26/01/05
you have to edit the script to set your music or video file (radio, stream or whatever) you want as wakeup sound
you can edit a default wake up time ( 0500 as default)

in this script you'll be asked whether or not you want to change default time, and then decide to set or not the alarm clock.

of course, and it can't be different, you have to be sure your xbmc is on
version is now 2+
i added an automatic return to the main screen of xbmc
then a pic of alarmclock to remind you, if you set the alarm clock. i added a text to remind you the hour you setted too

sadly it still can't stop if you change your mind. you'll have to reboot your xbmc...
this is one of the best scripts i have used.

on a scale from one to ten, it is a 10... maybe even higher!
thanks a lot !
yeah, this is a great script, but there is a slight bug. if you opt to change the wakeup time, but then change your mind and leave it at 0700, then it tells you this time is invalid. you have to delete the time and type it back in as 0700. not a major but, but a little annoying.

other than that, great work!
i'll have a look on it...
current cvs builds the shutoff doesnt seem to work on this one. im just trying to figure out at the momment how to relocate the image/text.
hi !
can you tell me which cvs you are using and what exactly the problem is ?