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Full Version: Export Library - is that a good thing?
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I used to use Ember Media Manager - before posting this, I just found out there is a new version of EMM (the older seemed to stop work and I thought the whole project went down).
So since I didn't use EMM anymore I started to look into the Export Library function.

What is your opinion, is it a recommended function? Because when I have a fresh installation, many of the movies arent scraped properly and I must rescrape them. Back in the EMM days (I will try the new EMM right away) I didnt have that problem because I had locally stored XML's and stuff.
Is that exactly what Export Library does?
http://tinyurl.com/48rvbu5 should have what you're looking for - specifically within the Export library section.

Thanks but I found a shorter way; http://tinyurl.com/4ojrxgq

You being a "Senior member" means you help other seniors with stuff like how-to-use-google and so, right? Helping old ladies over the road?
Keep up the good work pops.

If anyone else has some comments on the export function and/or combined usage of EMM, please let me know.

edit: hope you dont get mad at me now, I was just kidding with you Wink I know of the function itself, I already read the wiki. But I needed some experience feedback, opinions.
If you export to separate files it will put an nfo and artwork with your media if you select the same naming convention in ember when you set it up it will find your artwork and nfo's
If I understood it correctly, the naming convention is for example movie.nfo for the movies. Thats how I did setup Ember.
I have a feeling that the exporter is a very useful tool and that I should use combined with ember.
I used to go back to ember and do changes to make them "permanent" but I realize the same thing can be done from within XBMC once I did do the changes and tweakes.
Only difference is that XBMC will then export the whole library while in Ember I can work with one movie at a time.

I will do some tests just to see how things work.
I just made a test and exported three movies.
Appearently it used the naming convention <movie>.nfo and so on. How can I set it up to use movie.nfo instead?
XBMC uses the filename when it exports artwork and nfo's so you need to use that same naming convention in setting up ember otherwise you will not see them in ember, I'm assuming you want to see your current movies in ember after you have exported your library ?

That's why I told you about using the same naming convention, Ember allows you to select which type you want to use select the same type that XBMC exports to
Yes, exactly.
I know that Ember supports among others <movie>.nfo, but I used not to use this naming convention because sometimes I want to keep the nfo file that existed since before.
So I was hoping that I can make XBMC save as move.nfo, not the filename.nfo.

Is that even possible?
One option is to export your library set the same naming convention in Ember scan them in then change the naming convention to what you like then have Ember create new ones using the other naming convention delete the ones XBMC created, you could use windows search and delete them from the search window

Second option is rename them all after with something like "Flexible Renamer" example have it look for .nfo and then change them to movie.nfo you can do the same for fanart and thumbs all in one click then scan them into ember


Third option have ember use both naming conventions

Personally I would use the second otpion as your only going to do this once right as there will be no need to use XBMC scraper if you continue to use Ember
Thanks alot for your feedback X. Very helpful.