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Full Version: XBMC skips folder for scraping
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I have a weird issue here, i have done the following steps:

- Add a new video source
- Sets the content for that video source to a tv show scrapper suitable for me and click ok.
- I will be asked from xbmc if i want to search for content now in this new video source, i confirm that by yes.
- After a while its finished (progress window disappears) and i check the scanned tv shows.

- 70% of 100% are detected by xbmc and the folder icons are replaced by a cover which is great. But the other 30% is simply not detected (skipped).

If i "scan for new content" manually from on one of the folder, the scrapper starts up and the tv show is detected successfully. So it seems that its not the fault of the scrapper i think.

If i scan for new content in the entire video source it runs a few seconds and does not find anything. For the first time, this has start the scrapper which runs a few hours...

I want to understand why and how to fix that problem.
First of all ensure that the files are named EXACTLY as they are in the tvdb - any discrepancies will result in a null return. Secondly if that isn't the problem - post a debug log - http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=42708
I am using the anidb scrapper which uses TVDB only for the banner/fanarts.
All tv shows are renamed 100% identical as anidb anime title and it works obviously if i scan manually a single folder.

If i scan the entire video source, it does not scan anything :-(
So its a automatic content detection issue or something like that.

But i know these folders are definitily not processed, because in the database view these folders does not appear in the list.

I will try confirm that by generating an log file to see which happens here and post the url for it.

I hope that we can fix the problem easily, i like xbmc a lot =)
Full debug log and instructions on how to reproduce needed.
Got the cause.

It was an infinite loop caused by two folders which are detected in anidb but not in TVDB.

So these are an issue from the anidb scrapper right now, but i can fix it by generating an nfo file for the show which contains the url for TVDB (banners/fanarts) right?
Give us a way to reproduce it. An infinite loop will cause a hang in the scanner - this doesn't seem to agree with the rest of your symptoms.

Either way it sounds like a bug with a scraper, so the scraper author needs to know about it.

Simplest way to create two folders in a new video source "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R" and "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (1993)".

Now setup the anidb tv show scraper for that and scan for new content ht in the video source.

It starts and goes into an infinite loop, maybe you have to create some test movies which has the "ep01" in so that at least the folders contains one episode.


There are other folders which causes the infinte loop "To heart 2 ad", but only if TVDB is enabled.
If disabled it works, but only the thumb is downloaded.
If that does reproduce, then please create a dummy filesystem like that (that you've tested) and open a trac ticket. Feel free to cc vdrfan, olympia and myself.