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Full Version: How is the correct handling for folders and tagging of music albums with two discs
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I don`t found a information how the correct folder structure and tagging for music albums with two discs.

The usually folder structure, if I understand it correct is

| |--Album1
| |--Album2
| |--Albumx
| |--Album1
| |--Album2
| |--Albumx

So this structure works fine with folder.jpg, fanart.jpg and artist.nfo.

But for a album with two discs e.g. Abba - The Definitive Collection http://www.lastfm.de/music/ABBA/The+Defi...Collection I don't know how is the correct tagging, so that the scraper found the album and show the titlelist correct.

I tagged the album with the album name for the first disc "The Definitive Collection (CD 1)" and for the second disc "The Definitive Collection (CD 2)".
All the songs are in one folder "The Definitive Collection"

But with this behavior, I have two album entries in the db "The Definitive Collection (CD 1)" and "The Definitive Collection (CD 2)", this I think is correct, but no titlelist is load from the scraper.

If I update the entry for e.g. "The Definitive Collection (CD 1)" and set the values in the search dialog to "The Definitive Collection" and "Abba", the "The Definitive Collection (CD 1)" albuminfo show the titlelist for the complete album (CD1 and CD2) in continously numbering 1-x. And not like in the lastfm and real disc behavior every disc start with 1.

Also a problem for this structure is, that a export in separate files only works for the first cd, not for the second.

If I create a folder for CD1 and CD2 the folder.jpg and fanart.jpg don't work for this album, if the album the first or the only one for the artist.

I hope someone can me explain the correct folder structure and tagging that the scraping work and also the folder.jpg and fanart.jpg
I did reply to your ticket on how I do it, that works just fine.