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Full Version: Changing TV channels in XBMC
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Hi All,

Apologies if this hs already been discussed but I wasn't sure how to search for it or what topic my question falls under.

I am wondering if it is possible to get XBMC to switch channels.

Currently my XBMC runs all movies,music...etc but my satellite TV runs on a separate decoder which can only be viewed on my AV1 setting on my TV which has to be manually changed. I would like my XBMC to be my interface for everything, so I was hoping that I could build a script that could change my channel to AV1 on the XBMC menu.

Anything like this that has been done/can be done?
XBMC can run external apps, and do pretty much anything with sockets, so if there is a way to make your TV change channel remotely XBMC should be able to do it. Having said that, I'd be very surprised if your TV did have any way to change channels remotely (except of course with it's remote controller). In principle you can connect and control an IR sender on your PC, but I suspect this would start getting very involved.