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Full Version: What is supported with XBMC in regards to playlists
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What is the format required that XBMC can read in regards to playlists? For example, I'll have, say, 5 videos called the following:


I would like to create a playlist that XBMC can see that will play all of them in succession. How do I go about doing this?

Once I get this part figured out, I then will create some sort of script that will randomize which videos to grab and in what order...but for now, this is the first hiccup I am seeing.

Do I need to create some sort of xml file? I am ok with only having one playlist as I will be changing it on the fly when it is all done.

I have strong programming knowledge, so when it comes to that, I'm not scared at all, I just need this beginning part to be figured out so I can actually do some programming!