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Full Version: [LINUX] Pixel Ratio resetting to 1.0 on every startup
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Hello. I am not very used to forums, I like Mailinglists more. And my english is not the best, so I hope I can explain my problem.

I have built a HTPC with a Asrock A330ION and an Antec Fusion Black Remote Case. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 Server 64 bit. After that, I followed the guide for XBMCbuntu at http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=XBMCbuntu.

My system worked very well, I even could solve the iMon Pad remote problem. Took a lot of googleing, but I got it to work.

I connected a CRT TV with a VGA to S-Video adapter. Wen I go to video calibration, I have to change the pixel ratio to 1.33, so that it looks like a square. But every time I restart the machine, the pixel ratio resets to 1.0 again, and I have to set it correctly again. Every other setting stays as I set them, just the pixel ratio resets it self.

Once set, the system is running perfectly, sound, video, great! But every time I reboot, I have to set the pixel ratio again.

Does anyone know, how to solve this? What information do you need, to reproduce it? By the way, I thought that it could be a 64 bit problem, so I installed Ubuntu 10.10 Server 32 bit today. Same problem. I have searched a lot, but could not find anything. Does anyone know, what I can try to do next?

I have just made an observation. When I reboot the XBMC machine after setting up the pixel ratio to 1.331 without playing any file, the setting remains at 1.331. When i play a xvid file, it also stays at 1.331. But if I play a file which is hardware acceleratet, mpg, TS or DVDs, the setting resets itself to 1.000 after a reboot.

No idea if this helps, but I thought I tell it.

Sorry, but I am new to Linux and I am learning. I solved all my issues with google, but this one I can't solve.

Just saw an update for XBMC. Looks like version 10.1. The problem is still the same. Playing a hardware accellerated movie, rebooting, resets the pixel ratio back to 1.000.

Current kernel is 2.6.35-27-generic-pae. Nvidia Driver is 270.18.

Anyone any ideas?

There's a trac ticket for this I think (in it it's resetting to 0.5 but the problem is the same) - the problem I believe is you'll have two almost identical resolutions which confuses XBMC - see guisettings.xml for the list of resolutions.
You mean #11094? I have read that already. It seams to be that this problem has a lot similarities to my problem, but it does not happen, because I have library scanning enabled. I can watch tons of movies, as long as they are not hardware accelerated, and the pixel ratio will stay at 1.333. But the second i watch a h.264, MPEG2 or DVD, they are rendered with VDPAU, the pixel ratio resets itselv to 1.000 on next startup.

Both problems may be related, but I think, these are different problems.

In my guisettings.xml there are two entries, one 800x600 and one default: 800x600. Removing one of them has no effect.

For now, I just don't turn off that machine. I just put it in standby mode. this way I don't have to set the pixel ratio again and again.