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Full Version: SettingsCategory default control
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I made a custom spincontrol for navigation through the different subcategories in settings category. I tried to set the default control to my custom control, but the category control group with id="3" seems to be always default, there's no way to change it. Is there any other way to get the focus to my control on window open besides a very suboptimal python script which checks the window id all the time and does action(right) or action(left) if settingscategory.xml is open?
No decent possibility I guess?
How are you doing the spin control? How are you ensuring that you have the correct number of categories etc?
It's a fake spin control. I have a grouplist with two buttons and a python script which sets the focus to the category grouplist, does action(moveup) or action(movedown) and sets the focus back to the fake spin control (user won't recognize the focus change, works like a normal spin control). I'm using it also in the addon settings dialog but in settings category I have the focus problem on window open.
So, I wonder if a better idea would be to allow a spinner to be used instead of a grouplist. I'm not sure of the implications. Personally I don't see any advantage to it from a users' perspective as you lose the overview (which direction do I go?)

Note that you can do a pseudo-select button thing with a grouplist by having just one of the categories viewable then left/right moves through them (or up/down if you prefer).

Maybe a screenshot of how it looks, with an explanation of why you think this is a better UI design (aesthetics only?)

Looks like this at the moment:


I did this only for better aesthetics. I don't think it's a better idea to use a spin control instead of a group list by default because you can make a fake spin control with the group list, no need of changing anything. Problem still is the default focus, it's working everywhere except in settings categories and I wonder if it's a bug or somehow intended?

Navigation with left/right or up/down (similar to alaska) would be my "backup plan" if this is not working. Smile