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Full Version: Is there a way to get x,y pos of a control?
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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to achieve something like this so that I can present a list of options to a user when they press a button in a grouplist. I can bring up a popup list that appears at a fixed location on the screen, but I can't find anyway to have the popup appear next to the button that invoked it.

Is there anyway to find the x,y position of the calling button (x,y postion will change depending on the calling buttons current position in the grouplist)?

Thanks for any pointers with this.
Wyrm (xTV-SAF)
not as far as I know
Jezz_X Wrote:not as far as I know
Jezz_X, if you don't think so I guess that it's pretty sure to not be possible.

How about, can I tell what is the first control showing on screen in my target grouplist? If I know that I could use a conditional slide to slide the popup list to the correct position.

Wyrm (xTV-SAF)