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Full Version: Bug or feature with Container.Content
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Here is the code:

PHP Code:
<visible>![Container.Content(Songs) | Container.Content(Albums) |
Container.Content(Movies) | Container.Content(TVShows)  |

Now this prevents control from showing in MyVideo.xml but does not affect in any way MyMusicSongs.xml?

This seams inconsistent as I would expect it to either concern both library and files (MyVideo.xml) or library only (like with MyMusicSongs.xml).

Do I miss something?
At a guess I would say Container.Content(Songs) is true for any music try removign that one and see if its still visible
Note that with the latest merges to master, Container.Content(Movies) may well be true in file listings as well.
Did not think of that. Hmm.. Reverting to latest stable in order to finish skin. Testing with nighties will be next step.