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Full Version: Defining a different Textures.xbt to use
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At the moment we use defaultthemename="Textures.xbt" but what if we want to use that for 720p resolutions and another XBT for 1080i?

You can't. I suspect (but haven't checked) that defaultthemename is not used at all?

To be honest I haven't found many cases where you really need a lot of separate textures between 720p and 1080i.

If there's demand for it I guess we could look at it, but it's not something I'll prioritize.

I tend to use 1080i sized textures even though I code at 720p but I was thinking more along the lines of devices with less memory and/or can only run at 720p (ATV2) benefiting from 720p sized ones. Obviously I can use the theme based method but a default way would be nice.

I reckon it's better to address that problem internally as it crops up - after all, you'd like just be scaling them down, right, rather than replacing them with something else?