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Full Version: Wide Banner
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How do I setup confluence to use wide banner for tv shows?
The easy answer is change the view to WIDE ICON while in Library Mode. But I've done this and not all of my banners appear. XBMC still shows me folder.jpg instead of banner.jpg. I'd like to get some help on this as well.
You must set your scrapers to pick up banners instead of posters. Then Confluence will use banners on the Wide Icon view. Conf. will not pick up folder.jpg or landscape.jpg. You will have to switch to another skin to get this feature.
I have banner.jpg files that XBMC is ignoring and is instead displaying folder.jpg. (both Confluence and Influence) I use Media Center Master for all of my scraping.

When I'm in a thumb view, XBMC shows my folder.jpg files correctly.

It seems to always show my folder.jpg files, regardless of what view I'm in.