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Full Version: [RELEASE] OneDDL.com Plugin
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BROKEN - OneDDL.com is offline - use RlsBB.me Plugin instead!

Current version: 0.2.3

This plugin scrapes posts from OneDDL.com and presents them as directory items. By selecting a post the link gets added to JDownloader.




Where to find:
You can download it from anarchintosh's unofficial add-on repository (category "Program Add-ons").
You can launch it after the installation from "PROGRAMS".

Quote:Version 0.2.3
* Removed obsolete filehoster: hotfile.com, fileserve.com, filesonic.com, megaupload.com, multiupload.com, wupload.com & oron.com
* New supported filehoster: bitshare.com
* New sub categories: Movies/Complete BluRay, Movies/RC, Ebooks/Magazines
* Fixed problem with fetching uploaded.to links

Version 0.2.2
* New supported filehoster: turbobit.net, ul.to, netload.in, depositfiles.com, filepost.com

Version 0.2.1
* Fixed problems with the new website design
* Ignore duplicate filehoster links
* New sub categories: HDRips & FLAC

Version 0.2.0
* Refactoring (Using now the library DDLScraper)
* New sub categories: Mac Applications & Windows Applications
* New supported filehoster: megaupload.com, multiupload.com, wupload.com, oron.com
* New setting: 'Alternative Filehoster 3' (due to the huge amount of filehoster)

Version 0.1.0
* Initial release

Version 0.1.1
* Added search function

- nothing at the moment

Thanks to "TheCollective"! This plugin is based on the YouTube plugin (... and also a clone of the IRFree.com plugin)

Please give me feedback in this thread.
good work man !!!
i'm happy to see you coding this Wink
wow thanks, I'll try it soon!
one of my favourite ddl sites, this is great.
really good source for 720p .mkv tv rips.

do they ever do web-dl releases? web-dl normally lags a few days behind hdtv rips, but often the quality is on a par with bluray rips. i know tehparadox do, but unlike oneddl they have a nasty forum + login interface that wouldnt work nicely in xbmc.
Wonder if someone can help me, trying to use this but keep getting an error on the bottom right that says, "failed to connect to server"

How do I fix this in the setting I would guess

Thanks all
have you set up jdownloader, enabled the jd remote-control and set up the jdownloader xbmc addon? you need to do all these things before it will work.
yes jdownloader is installed
Not sure how to setup the remote maybe you can help me on that and the setting I need to do

Thank you

BTW I am trying to use this on ATV2
Have you already managed to install the jdownloader application on atv2? I'm not sure if this is even possible. A quick google search didn't bring up any infos on this.

If this isn't possible, you'll have to install jdownloader on another pc...

How to setup the jd remote control is described on this wiki page
Is it possible to download/view Ebooks from OneDDL and IRfree plugins directly on an ATV2 without having to use a separate computer to run jdownloader? I would like to view ebooks on my ATV2 as a standalone device if it is at all possible..
Thanks for the great scripts!
Regarding the possibility do run jdownloader directly on an ATV2, I posted the following info in another thread:
pgoeri Wrote:A little bit of googling turned up some helpful links:

I got this link from this forum thread http://www.hackint0sh.org/f291/65965.htm

Please keep me posted, if this works for you.

Hope this helps...
Any chance there will be a search function. atm its kind a of difficult to find something specific
Yeah, shouldn't be a problem. I simply just had not the need for such a feature, but I'm alway open for feature suggestions. I'll add it in the next release, which will hopefully not take too long.
[b]Version 0.1.1[/b]
    * Added search function
hi, its a great addon!
is there a language support for downloading "german" movies?
There are no german movies on oneddl.com, so no, it's not possible. You could suggest a another site that provides german movies and I possible would make a new plugin for this side. Do you know one?
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