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Full Version: Crashes when using movie library
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Hi all, I'm having a little bit of problems with my current XBMC installation.
A couple of weeks ago i decided to quit using windows on my already slow htpc, and try out Linux and XBMC Live.
So far, i really like it, but I've been troubled with crashes when entering the movie library. I've read similar posts around the forum, without finding any answers Sad

Basically, what happens is, I open the movie library, maybe browse over a single movie or 2, and then XBMC crashes. This is kindda annoying, as I'm now forced to use VLC or something like that to watch movies. This means, that browsing the TV library or any other part of XBMC works as it should.

My current installation is Ubuntu 10.10 installed on an 8GB USB pen drive (primarily for testing), with XBMC 10.1 freshly installed. (I started getting the error again friday, then removed XBMC through the Ubuntu software center and reinstalled with a minimum of addons - DR NU and a Simplicity MOD)
Here are 3 logs, which show a pattern in the crashes, but provides me no useful information:
You have a corrupt file.

A debug log (turn debug logging on in Settings->System->Debugging) will show you which file it is.

When you find it, keep the file and report back - it would be useful to have the file for debugging purposes.

Thanks a lot for the reply - I'll try and do this when i get home from work! I had forgotten all about the debug-option, thought crash logs were all I had to work with Smile
Right you were Smile I had a "corrupt" movie, which is one i tried to delete, but still was containing an hidden file - now I just can't get that hidden file deleted.. Oh, well... Just have to movie the movie out of my library, i guess..
Thanks a lot for the help!