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Full Version: [Live] Need help to get 5.1 Sound running with ATI SB400 ALC655 (AC97)
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this is my first time trying to use Linux and XBMC Live.

Because my old notebook is faster running XBMC directly without Windows I tried to get XBMC live running.

Everything works fine, even mkv for HD videos is working fine. As long as a I do not need digital 5.1 sound output.

So stereo downmix of 5.1 source videos works with my notebook speakers.
But I can't get 5.1 working.

I set audio output: optical/coax
5.1 speakers
disabled boost volume level on downmix
enabled AC3
enabled DTS
audio output device: defaults
passthrough output device: ATI IXP iec958

I also tried nearly all other options for the last 4 settings.

My receiver supports DTS and AC3 and with XBMC under windows the 5.1 sound works fine (unfortunately the video stutters sometimes) but on XBMC live I only get a sound via SPDIF if I disable the AC3 option. And then I only get stereo. With AC3 enabled, my receiver not even recognizes the signal as stereo and the video is stuttering very hard!

So I opened alsamixer. I see several SPDIF channels.
On the first one I can't do anything. It got no bar and is set to "00".
The second one I can set from 0 to 100
The third I can change from "PCM" to "analog in" to "iec958 in".

Set to PCM I got stereo sound. Now changing the 2nd bar I can switch between the different 5.1 sound lines but always put out on my 2 front speakers. So the source lines are available. But my receiver never uses the other speakers and the output signal is always recognized as stereo.

Can you please help me!? Thank you.
Nobody an idea how to help me? Sad