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Full Version: movie.tbn not being read until "Info" dialog is up.
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After my thumb directory drew to 8 GB, and I made a ton of changes to my library, I blew the whole thing away and started again.

Only problem is when I rescanned my entire movie db but the first time I went into the library, the "posters" were all just screen caps and squished. Only after I hit the 'get info' button then back (I don't request a new poster, all I do is get info) does the debug log show that it's trying to cache the image.

I'm not really sure where it's getting its current image. Since it does appear to be nicely selected, just the wrong aspect and not the movie poster. I checked the NFO and none of the images match. It's not the fanart.

Running Night, so I'm not sure if it's a skin issue.
10.0. Nothing shows up in trac as being fixed for 'movie.tbn'

In the mean time, I have this running over night...
while (1) {

One such image:

I can post the whole debug long, but I imagine it's going to be rather boring.
If you're 'getting info' then you haven't actually scanned them to the library yet and that also explains the screen capture images.
I did the "Set Content" to Movies.
I did Scan for new Content.
This is in library mode, so I don't know how the movies would be there otherwise.

My process somehow made it out of the Library yesterday.


And like I said, I'm not actually "Refreshing info" or actually doing anything other than pressing the Info button so that it brings up the Plot/Play/Refresh/Get Thumb/Get Fanart dialog.