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Full Version: Strange Playback issue - Please Help
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I just got back from being out of town. As always, I left my HTPC running and XBMC on as well. I added a new show to my library and tried to watch it. Playback was very jittery as if there was a major tearing issue. Before leaving town, playback was perfect.
I restarted my computer and downloaded/installed the new 10.1 dharma. Still no help. Tried different skins, nothing. The file playsback perfectly outside XBMC using MPC-HC. Issue seems to be with XBMC native player.

I checked for any video driver issues, none. The flaw seemed to just start by itself. One observation is that I noticed that, now, when I press Play, the screen seems to flicker and my TV's onscreen display pops up as if I just switched the input to my HTPC. Never saw that happen before.

Using Win7 w/ Nvidia card connecting via HDMI.